A fragrance that makes a memory. De Valentina is a luxury scented brand that transports you and your home to a tropical escape. All of our scents are clinically proven, tested, and formulated to last over 6 hours. Infused with natural essential oils and a promise towards sustainability, De Valentina is proud to offer you a wide selection of relaxing, dream-worthy, and magical scents.

Free of added chemicals or itchy skin irritants, De Valentina was designed for you.
Our products are unlike any other and can’t be found in regular retail stores. We have traveled the world collecting stories and discovering the best sources for our fragrances. With over 40 years of experience in wholesale, we have no middle man, so what you see is what you get. Open honesty, visibility, and purified essential oils crafted for you and your household. Hand bottled in California. High Quality. Luxury Oils. With the Best Pricing Around.

Our commitment to our clients is matched with quality customer service and a dedication to bringing you scents that are designed to soothe, settle, and open the mind.


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